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Seems like everyone is doing great this year in their resolutions including this girl right here.

Kind of.

Better than usual let’s say.

Did Yoga today. Oh did it feel amazing. Used to do it regularly with my mom, but stopped because there was just no time with all my other activities.

Forgot how relaxing it feels.

Being active (part of my resolution) will now include this wonderful thing.

Inspired once again!!

Have procrastinated though regarding homework :S

Doing it now! (though my best friend should be arriving soon….she will help hopefully haha)

Tomorrow Friday. Midweek weekend was wonderful. Excited for tomorrow to be over for the 3 day weekend! :D Stupid how school had to have the two days off (non-SOL people) Wed and Thurs instead of Thurs and Friday.

Could have had 6 day weekend. Sigh.

Watching my daily dose of TOBUSCUS. While watching VH1’s best songs of the 2000’s AND doing homework :)

I love you. hope you had a wonderful day. and are continuing to have a beautiful week.


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